Is there a (free/open) data source available to map companies to NACE Code?

  • 21 March 2023
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Hi community,

One of our customers want to report on NACE Code (see: We are trying to find a (free/open) data source to map customers to the correct NACE Code.

We do have the Dutch KVK/registration number and the EU VAT Number. Using one of these identifiers, we want to map the correct NACE Code.

Does anyone have experience with this?



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4 replies

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Coincidentally, this used to be part of my previous job - iirc none of the organizations holding this data give you free access to this data. I am pretty sure the KvK will have a dataset allowing you to query this for a fee.

If you have deeper access to CBS data (for research, non-commercial) you can convert NACE to SBI (, you can also convert NACE to UN HS code. 

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Hi @bas.hopstaken,

The problem is that NACE code is an focuses on where in the industry a company is working and KVK and VAT is a number for an actual company. What you need is an database that includes your list of companies and it can give you back NACE for each and every company you have. 


I come from the industry (DNB/Bisnode) where that information is sold. I never stumbled across such a data source that was actually good (or even bad). 


I would recommend reaching out to Dun & Bradstreet or Bureau van Dijk (these are the two global players but local ones exist of course). The will do a one time data cleaning for you and it will save you time and it’s not that expensive (or ask them for a trail account in one of their tools, but they of course try not to give you a data cleaning for free).

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This API (non-free) will give you SBI (compatible with NACE) for Dutch firms by KvK registration number, for instance. For international work Dun and Bradstreet is indeed the standard.

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Hi @Stefan , @rory.smith ,


Thanks for the quick replies, I will discuss it with the customer. I expect it will be Dun and Bradstreet because in this case we need this data for companies all over Europe.