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  • 28 March 2024
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Good afternoon,

We have a dsa table with data in one of it's columns in json structure. Can I translate this with a new data source or are there any other solutions?

Thanks for contributing ideas.

Kind regards, Heleen


Best answer by Christian Hauggaard 4 April 2024, 15:18

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4 replies

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Hi @HAlblas ,

if the structure of the json inside the column is the same for all records and you are loading this through CData you can easily decompose the JSON. If the structure is more varied it will involve .rsd scripting.

If the data does not come in through CData but is simply JSON inside SQL, you can use SQL Server's JSON data capabilities:

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Hi @HAlblas does Rory’s comment above answer your question? If so please help us by marking the best answer above. Please let us know if you have any follow up questions

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Please also see the below post which might be relevant:


Dear Christian Hauggaard, I indeed saw your post in the community. Ultimately this will be the best solution. Thanks for your responses.