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  • 8 August 2023
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Hi I am using TimeXtender incl. ODX server. I am trying to get some data from XML files with a wildcard which have the filename as a reference to another file. I am using the Cdata XML connector. I managed to get the data from both files in TimeXtender but can’t find a way to include the original file name to the table/query. Is there a standard option for this or maybe a workaround? Hope someone can help me.


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9 replies

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Hi @Michel van Drunen 

Can you please explain what you mean by “filename as a reference to another file”?

If you are looking to get the source file name/URI as an additional column, please follow the steps below:

1. Enter “IncludeResourceColumns=True” in the other property for the data source and click OK.

2. Execute the sync and transfer task

3. Synchronize Objects in the ODX

4. Locate the DSA table and click on it, you should now see the new field in the data movement pane. Drag the field into the table

5. After deploying and executing the table, you should now see the resource URI field if you preview the table.



Hi Christian,

Yes that was were I was looking for.
I have tried your solution but it doesn’t work for me.
Are there any other settings relevant for it to work?

Kind regards Michel

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@Michel van Drunen which version of the provider are you using? Can you please try upgrading to the latest (i.e. XML 2023 23.0.8600.0)?


Hi Christian,

I use the same provider (XML 2023 23.0.8600.0).

My connection string:

Culture=nl-nl;Generate Schema Files=OnUse;Location=D:\TimeXtender;Other="IncludeResourceColumns=True";Row Scan Depth=0;Type Detection Scheme=None;URI="C:\Users\2Foqus\Desktop\RMA   54421_ 406521.xml";URI Separator=,;Use Lake Formation=False

Regards Michel

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@Michel van Drunen 

I think it might be the Generate Schema Files option that makes it not work.

Try to turn it off and see what happens.

Also, if you point at a specific file it will only show that as the URI, you will likely have to point at a folder where the similar files are stored.



Have done multiple tests with other settings but no succes. Other="IncludeResourceColumns=True";URI="C:\Users\2Foqus\Desktop\RMA   54421_ 406521.xml"



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Hi Michel

If you want to use it in a RSD file, it should be possible to see it if you add the following in the info area.

<api:info title="RMA" desc="Generated schema file." xmlns:other="">
<attr name="_ResourceURI" xs:type="string" readonly="true"/>

You will have to generate the file first I assume.


Hi Thomas,

That works fine.

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Great. We had a ticket regarding this in July, so the ability to do this was the result of that and to show the file path in an Azure Blob container.