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  • 10 May 2023
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Where can I find a description of the properties of the Global Database settings in general and in my case regarding a SQL server DB especially the “max rows to copy”. I have used 0 (hopefully then there is no limit but I have also seen that values are used).


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Hi Lorenzo

You see it as using incorrect settings in the various environments?

The settings are saved in the repository, but they are not different than what you can see if you look at the settings in the environment properties menu. The way it could use different settings is if one of the areas in one of the environment is set to not use a global database despite one being available.

Also not related to this, using 0 as the max rows to copy is not best practice. We always suggest having a value in this field, especially when using the ODX. The only times where it will not potentially give issues is when working with two databases on the same server or ones using direct read.

If you use 0 and connects to the ODX with a DWH we at times see frequent timeouts and slow transfers due to all rows being stored in memory.

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Hi @Lorenzo 

Please find info regarding the global database properties for a data warehouse database here:

The Max rows to copy refers to “the batch size when using transfer”.

@Thomas Lind 

In one environment we have the customer has a DSA & MDW within the same database and server, but the ODX is a data lake. 

They have set maxs rows to copy to 0. We have not seen any timeouts at all, but could changing this improve transfer performance?

What would be a good starting value in that case? 

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Hi @Victor 

The default for new DWH databases is 300000 and I feel like it is what I would start with as well.

0 means store all rows in memory while transfer is ongoing, so a value is a benefit.