Setting up SQL Server Datasource using specific AD account (not integrated security) [Business Units]

  • 1 March 2023
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I have a SQL Server Database that I have access to using my credentials, but need to set it up using a service account (AD Account). I have tested that this account has access to the SQL Server using the provided username/password in Power BI Desktop.

Here are some screenshot of what I’m experiencing.
Changed Authentication to AD Password Authentication:

Changed the Encrypt connection option:

It seems like the username is not transfered to the server…

We are using TX


4 replies

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Are you using Azure Active Directory or on-prem AD? The option you are showing is for Azure Active Directory iirc. You can verify this through trying SQL Server Management Studio where you will find three Azure AD option (password, integrated, Universal with MFA.

If you want to use fixed credentials (for everyone, developers and TX service accounts), you probably need to use SQL Server authentication. Windows authentication will use your current Windows credentials and work with on-prem AD.

The customer has a hybrid AD environment, but the server is located on-prem, so I suppose I would be authenticating against a local doamin controller, but not sure.

SQL Server Auth is no go, so I think the best option is to provide the service account with sufficient permissions to the sql server database in question.

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Does the user have MFA enabled? Have you tried inputting the user as domain\username as well as email address?

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hi @EvidaXrem has the issue been resolved?