Using Exact with multiple divisions as a data source

  • 6 April 2023
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I am currently trying to integrate Exact data using the TX Exact Online connector. I need to integrate data from a bunch of different divisions; I was wondering if the only way to do so was to individually add each division as a new data source or if there was another way ? 


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Assuming that all diviisions have the same data model, depending on which release of TimeXtender you are working with you have different options:

  • 6xxx: set up a Data Source in the ODX Server with your filters and selections, clone it and point it to another division. In your Data Area use the Mapping Set function to combine the data
  • 20.10.x: With a BU setup you can define additional Data Sources that share the same data selection. With the ODX Server you need to set up separate sources and map them to your staging layer
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Hi @alexfeld ,


In the CData documentation is see it is also possible to load all divisions: