Legacy Documentation & Downloads

  • 3 January 2023
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Legacy Documentation & Downloads
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You might have noticed a tab called “Legacy” on our new community. This is a place where you can find legacy documentation, relating to older versions of TimeXtender. This is also where you can download older versions of our product, and see release notes for these older versions.

You might also have noticed a separate section in the search results called “Legacy Documentation”. For example, when searching for Project repositories or Business Unit, you will see primarily see results under Legacy Documentation, since these are deprecated features of our product, which relate to older TimeXtender versions. These resources might be helpful if you are using an older version of our product.


The new Knowledge Base in our community strives to always be up-to-date and relevant to the latest version of TimeXtender.

2 replies


you mentioned how to find the “old” documentation. Could you also explain how to find the “new”/ latest version of the documentation, e.g. what is called the “User Guide” in the legacy tab you mentioned earlier. I can't find any references to this in the new lay out of the site.



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Hi @Lorenzo, we have decided not to have a separate User Guide in the new community. All the latest documentation will be in the form of articles, and is located in our Knowledge Base.

The Knowledge Base is currently broken down into the following sections:


We will continuously add more content and documentation in line with the latest version to the Knowledge Base.