When to post in the Community? And when to submit a Support Ticket?

  • 31 October 2022
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When to post in the Community? And when to submit a Support Ticket?
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The Community is the perfect place to get your questions answered. The majority of questions should be posted in the Community, where TimeXtender users and employees can help provide answers.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule of thumb. Please see exceptions below:

  • If you believe you have found a bug, and our product is not working as expected, please submit a support ticket either by filling out this form or by emailing support@timextender.com
  • If you believe that you need to share sensitive information, in order for the issue to be solved, submit a support ticket. However, please consider if it is necessary to share sensitive information. In most cases, sharing sensitive data is not necessary for others to understand or reproduce the issue you are experiencing.

We ask that you please ensure you have tried the following steps before submitting a Support Ticket:

  • Narrow down the issue and prototype possible solutions in a Dev/Sandbox TX environment
  • Searched Google
  • Searched the Knowledge Base
  • Searched through our Learning platform
  • Asked in the Community
  • Asked your Partner

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