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  • 11 January 2024
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In the v20 release of TimeXtender, developers are able to access their ‘own’ data in the project repository db. By querying this manually or using the TX Dictionary project, you are able to gain a lot of valuable insights on your DWH implementation. 

I see that there already is an idea for implementing the TX Dictionary functionality in the new release. Is it likely that this will be implemented? If not, this could very well be a showstopper for migrating to the new release in my opinion.


Enabling this through the TX API will probably be a lot of work for TX developers but this also limits flexibility. What other options are available for accessing our cloud repository? Would love to hear your opinion on this.


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3 replies

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@KajEmergo ,

Good question Kaj. Im very interested in this as wel.

In my opinion access to the repo is one of unique selling points and I've developed a lot of projects on the repo for manageing the TX enviroment, executions, data quality and data lineage.

= Daniel

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I'm interested too. We use it to match tagged MDW fields with fields used in reports and for checking consistency in our semantic models. Very useful.

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Hi @KajEmergo, thanks for posting and great questions! 

I agree, for those that were able to understand the metadata available in the LTS repository, this can provide a great deal of insight. Unfortunately, requiring customers to host their own application metadata was a significant limitation and cost burden. 

While I agree removing access to this data is a limitation for the select few that were utilizing it, the benefit is it frees 100% of customers from the cost and compute burden. 

Our plan for the future is to ensure customers have access to the same amount of insights provided by the old TX Dictionary project in a more broadly accessible format. Please submit and vote on product ideas to help us know your top priorities. Thanks!