Configuring multiple environments to change deployment path

  • 3 April 2024
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Hello, i am kind of stuck and hoping someone could give me an idea what am i missing to configure multiple environment setup that i have right now. I have 2 machines (call them A and B machines). A machine runs DEV and TEST environments of TimeXtender, B machine runs PROD environment. Current setup is as follows:

Deployment path: DEV → TEST, then TEST → PROD
Environment settings:

This setup works, but sometimes i need to be able to deploy changes from DEV to PROD, bypassing TEST environment. My desired deployment paths would be: DEV → TEST and DEV → PROD. Since DEV and TEST environments are on the same virtual machine A and already can connect to machine B, i recognize that i would not need to change any firewall settings.

As i configure environments my idea for steps is:

  • B machine (PROD environment) - do nothing;
  • A machine (TEST environment) - remove PROD environment, do not change anything else;
  • A machine (DEV environment) - add PROD environment with Local port 10026 and Remote port 10021 (same setup as previously in TEST)

Problem that i get is adding PROD environment from DEV does not work - error shows me that target machine refuses the connection, even though it works with the same settings on TEST (same virtual machine) and quick check shows that connection is established:

DEV environment screenshots:

Has anyone tried to do a similar switch and was successful?


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Hi @gediminas.juskenas 

When you are on DEV, you can see all three environments in the Environment Properties menu and the Multiple Environment Transfer menu, right?

I have seen a similar issue sometimes where it seems to time out when transferring from Test to Prod, I did not find a specific reason other than that it might be due to the size of the project perhaps.

I could get it to work by opening Test and then the Multiple Environment Transfer menu and then transfer from Test to Prod, but it should off course not be necessary.

To do that I have set up another local port in my Test environment so I can connect to prod from that as well.


I should also add that the error you experience stopped after I removed the Cubes part, if I remember.

Hi @Thomas Lind, thanks for your reply. No i cannot see Production environment in Multi-environment transfer from DEV. This is what i actually want to achieve :) I think i need to clarify the problem. Issue is that i am unable to add PROD environment to DEV because of that error. This is my current setup:


What i want to achieve is to add Production environment into DEV environment using same settings as the ones which you can see on Test environment. For that i hoped i could just remove Production from Test environment and add it to DEV environment using the same settings, but it gives me an error specified above

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Hi @gediminas.juskenas 

You have two services running. One one Machine A that points at the TEST environment and one that run on Machine B that runs the PROD environment.

If you have more Server services than that running, or are running two server services on the same machine it will not work.

Secondly if this is about firewalls. For example if you can connect to PROD while you are not connected to TEST. Then it is due to the ports not being opened for.

So it needs to be both ports for each environments in both directions.

@Thomas Lind yes, that is my exact setup - 1 service per machine - Test TX server service on machine A and Prod TX server service on machine B, no other services.

The setup which is visible on my screenshots - works, but i want to change it, so the transfer is DEV → PROD instead of TEST → PROD. In order to do so i do following steps:

  • A machine (TEST environment) - remove PROD environment from environment settings, do not change anything else;
  • A machine (DEV environment) - add PROD environment with Local port 10026 and Remote port 10021 (same setup as previously in TEST)

So the question is what am i missing so it does not work

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Hi @gediminas.juskenas 

I made this a Zendesk ticket. I would like to plan a meeting, I think that would make it easier to resolve.