Backend table for the ODX Execution Log

  • 11 April 2024
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In Timextender there is a report called ODX Execution Log (see image). I was wondering in which tables the underlying data is stored.

My company has a dashboard / chat bot that we use to check on our nightly DWH executions. For this we use the tables ExecutionPackageLogs, ExecutionPackageLogDetails, Projects, etc.

I want to expand these reports with data regarding the ODX Transfer Tasks. I checked most of the tables in the metadata database (e.g. ScheduleJobs, ScheduleJobLogs) but I was not able to find it. 



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Hi @Mvest ,


in 20.10.x this is stored in the SQLite backlog that is synched from the cloud repository: in 6xxx you can get Job logs through the API: