Cross Project Execution Packages Ignoring Concurrent Package settings

  • 10 June 2023
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Good Day

I have 2 TimeXtender Projects and in Project A I have an Execution Package that once completed, runs an External Executable to start an Execution Package in Project B.

In Project B, I have an Execution Package that is defined to not allow any other concurrent packages, including the one called from Project A, when it is running.

I am finding that this settings is being ignored if the Execution Package for Project B is being called form Project A.

Has anyone come across cross-project Concurrent Package settings being ignored and how to overcome this?



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Hi Kerry

It is an old trick that was used in the past to allow two executions to run at the same time. It was the main use of the external packages option.

The rules are as follows. One execution can run in one project at the same time unless you use concurrent packages and they can’t start at exactly the same time. When another project on the same repository executes a package the only rule is that it can’t start at the exact same time, there are no other rules.

So due to that the concurrent part will be ignored.