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  • 10 June 2023
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Good Day

I have twice completed a differential deployment of a TimeXtender project and a Valid Table that is not listed in the review tasks is still being re-created on deployment.

Is there functionality setup in TimeXtender that would re-deploy a table on deployment if it was listed as a deployed object dependency?



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3 replies

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Hi @kerry_bespoke 

How do you know deployment is taking place for the valid table not listed in the review tasks - is the data being truncated?

Do you have object dependencies setup between the tables? Have you marked the following option when deploying the project / data warehouse?



Hi @Christian Hauggaard 

Yes, the data is being truncated. There is an application that reads this data and has failed the last 3 times we completed a deployment.

We are only selecting the option in your screenshot above and checking the tasks and the table is not listed to be deployed.

I will check today to see if there are dependencies. Does TimeXtender rebuild dependent tables?


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in my experience: if you manually set Object Dependencies, a change in one table at either end of the dependency will not automatically trigger a deploy of the other (also just tested in 20.10.34 to be sure). In my case Review tasks did not show any deploy other than the table being changed and the Deploy did not truncate the table at the other end of the Object Dependency, regardless of whether the dependency was defined as Table A depends on B, or B depends on A.

If you are using any pre- or postscripts on deploy, those may of course have effects outside of the dependencies managed by TimeXtender