Externally triggered load/execution

  • 1 August 2023
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One of my clients has a file data source that arrives at unpredictable times of the day. Has anyone found a good way to external-trigger-load such data source when it arrives? E.g. Webhooks, Logic Apps, ...

The question is for 20.10.43, but I’m equally interested in hearing if there are solutions for v6284.1 as we’ll be moving in that direction.



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3 replies

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Dear @Søren Sørensen ,

There are some options:

Version 20.10: Write a batch file which checks the folder for the files and if new files are found then execute the execution package from the command line: Make sure the batch file also moves the files to like a archive folder.

Version 6284:
I would do this in a similar way, have a script check for files each x minutes, if so it triggers the reload trough the TimeXtender API: Maybe you could even do it from withing TX by writing a powershell script in TX and have that one run each 5 min or so?


Hope this helps

= Daniel

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Hi @Søren Sørensen ,


in addition you could consider using Exmon to manage the process orchestration. It depends on whether you are using the arrival of the file to kickstart an entire reload process, in which case you can use some polling script, or whether you have a demand for processing within a certain timeframe which might mean moving orchestration out of TimeXtender is more appropriate.


Hi @daniel@Søren Sørensen, @rory.smith, @JTreadwell 


I am also interested in this topic, and I want the ODX server to run first to fetch the data when a file is added to a folder, and then I want the Execution package to run. The version I am using is and I dont have any Permissions problem. 

When I run the following command in PowerShell:
Start-Process -Wait -FilePath "C:\Program Files\TimeXtender\TimeXtender\timeXtender.exe"
although TimeXtender opens, when I run:

Start-Process -Wait -FilePath "C:\Program Files\TimeXtender\TimeXtender\timeXtender.exe" -ArgumentList "ProjectName", "executionpackage"
the project opens but the execution package does not run. What do you recommend for this issue?