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  • 13 June 2024
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Hi Team, 


I am getting the follwing error while executing the table. Please note i do not have a column named ‘ORDER’. I have no idea what it is refering to.




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5 replies

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Hi @jyothi.dosi 

I would assume it is realated to a lookup of some sort or a custom transformation.

It all gets converted to SQL and order is when something is being set to ORDER BY.

Is there anything you use that fits this?

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@jyothi.dosi the word order is added in incremental loads. So probably one of the fields is missing that was originaly there. So check on the data connection if the sync gives an error. Also check if the synchronise object on the entire odx gives you some information on this table. if it's not happening in the odx.


Then check your custom transformations. Or fixed transformations when you have a condition on a fixed value or custom value. and it's a string value check if you in the condition you didn't set the string value with '’ tx gives those quotes automaticly and if you add them it gives errors. 

it is a simple view which i am trying to read, sync in ODX is working fine &am able to read the data in preview. When i am trying to add this table in DSA, deploy works while execute throws this error


Deleting the table & readding resolved the issue. thanks

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Did you have this table already in your dsa? Try to add a table with a new name and put it on simple mode. So first right click on your data warehouse and select add new table. Then drag it from the odx to the new table. go to settings and under the setting simple mode put it on enabled.