Job stuck with state Waiting

how is it possible to have the job stuck with status “waiting”, and if I try to manually run the job, I get the error “job is already queued“
i’m running TX version 6675




Best answer by Christian Hauggaard 8 July 2024, 11:55

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Hi @gislihei I have created a support ticket for this

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Hi @gislihei can you please try restarting the execution service, the ODX service and the TX application and try again? The product team have released a related portal hot fix

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Hi @Christian Hauggaard,

EDIT: updating to 6691.1 seemed to solve the issue, but maybe just as a result of the upgrade process. 

I am experiencing the same or a similar issue with jobs that do not want to start:

Interestingly, I also have a job with a blank ‘State’ and an execution status of ‘Running’. There are currently no tasks in the ODX execution queue/log and no execution packages running in the effected instances. 

I tried restarting the execution service and ODX Server service, and running the configurator again for both, but the statuses remain unchanged. 

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