Multi Environment Tranfer refresh data source included in deploy step

  • 13 December 2021
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It would be great if in the Multi Environment Transfer Step it would be possible to refresh the Data source as well.
Currently I have to add new tables in Dev en Prod environment on a weekly basis (chaning ERP systems).
It happens that a table is added in Dev, but that table is not yet avialable in Prod. So when I transfer the project and deploy I do not get a warning that the table does not exists. So after deployment, the schedule will run in morning and it will fail on the missing table.
Only after a refresh of the Data source the project recognises the missing table and gives a warning.

Now I have to in Dev transfer project and deploy to Prod and then open the Prod environment itself to refresh data source in order to check if all tables are available or not.


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Hi @femke.kooij

When getting ready for Environment transfer, it is recommended that you create an execution package that includes all changed tables. Then after the transfer, you execute this package in order to validate your transfer process. More about this here: