Notification Execution Packages - Send mails using Google Mail

  • 12 May 2020
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Which settings are needed in order to get Google Mail send success and failure emails in TimeXtender? 

I tried it with 


Port: 25/465/587

Enable SSL/TLS: Checked

Allow invalid certificates: Checked

From Email:

User name:

Password: <my gmail password>

To Email:


I get different failure responses: 

  • 25: 5.7.0 Authentification required
  • 465: Syntax error, command not recognized
  • 587: 5.7.0 Authentification required


Without SSL/TLS I get:

  • A secure connection is required for the smtp server or the client is not authentificated. Server response was: 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first.


The responses are translated from german to english so please don't take them literally.


What are the corrected settings here? Is it something in my google account?



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Hi Hendrik

I did some googling and found this.

I set it to allow less secure apps and then I got a notification sent message.

Here are my settings.

And here is the notification email I got.


Thank you, that solved it!

Enable less secure apps is only possible without 2-factor authentification, that was the problem. Our company recently introduced 2-factor authentification for all accounts.

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Hi Hendrik

It works sort of?

Does it work despite using 2factor auth?


We have it working with google and 2FA. Google allows you to create "app passwords" for clients that don't support 2FA. This app password is what you put in TX.