Opening "Manage Schedule" option for a job automatically trigger jobs to run

  • 12 March 2024
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We are running Timextender 6536.1 with execution server 6536.1 on on-premise sql server 2019.

We seems to be having some strange behaviour with the “Manage schedule” option in with editing a job. Whenever we open the schedule it seems to trigger the job itself. I don't know if others experienced the same. I also don't know if it is related to Timextender 6536.1 since we had to do a lot of updates and configuration changes to the server lately due to a tempdb problem. Below I added a screenshot of the option, it applies to any job not only the odx one I'm highlighting. 




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4 replies

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Hi @spenning,


I have not seen this issue before, but have you already tried to re-run the TimeXtender execution server configurator? Maybe that helps.


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Hi @devin.tiemens,

Thank you for your reply, but yes we have tried that already, also restarting the server and reconfiguring the odx server. 


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Hi @spenning 

I am unable to reproduce the issue you describe in 6536.1.

Could you please share a video / screen recording of the issue?

Hi @Christian Hauggaard

I also cannot replicate it now for some reason. When this behaviour starts again I'll send a screen recording.