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  • 30 May 2023
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I am facing a problem when creating a job in the new TX version. I have two instances called ‘Ontwikkel’ (dev) and ‘Productie’ (production).

I have copied my dev instance to production and now I want to set up a job to execute the production instance and several SSL's in production.

I have created an execution package with all the MDW tables that need to be executed and this package was copied to the production instance. I also have several SSL's that point to the production instance as source.

Now, when I add a new job (on the production environment), all looks well. I add the package and the SSL's and schedule the job:

After that, then I re-open the Job and suddenly all selected execution objects have changed to the DEV (ONTW) version of the same objects:


Am I doing something wrong or is this a (pretty nasty) bug?


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3 replies

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Hi @wouter.goslinga 

It is a bug that @rvgfox found.
If you created the execution package in the DEV instance before moving it it will pull in the settings from there when you open it again.

The current workaround is to delete the execution packages you got in the PROD, add unique execution packages in PROD, ideally with names that do not exist in both instances and create the job again.

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@wouter.goslinga Yes it’s very frustating. When you copy DEV to PROD, you must create the execution packages in  PROD and create the job with the new execution packages.

Hope this help.

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Also since this was found a fix were made. It should be out for the next release.