Schedular stopped working.

  • 16 May 2023
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The scheduler stopped working in production. Yesterday I restarted but it still not running.

How can I fix this issue?

I have gone through the below document.

Scheduled Execution issues - Did it not start, did it fail, or is my execution still running? – TimeXtender Support

On my computer the recovery options were disabled.



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Hi Sowjanya

It can’t restart if it somehow stops running, so you will have to check it manually or get the Admin to do this change.

There are other suggestions for resolving scheduling issues in the guide besides this.

The most common causes of a scheduled execution not starting are:

  • The Scheduler service is not running.
  • The Scheduler service is run by a user with a different repository set up.
  • The user account configured to run the Scheduler service does not have sufficient user rights within the SQL server to read and write to these tables. 

         To resolve the above issues, go through these articles:

         Configure the Scheduler Service

         Configure User Accounts & Permissions

  • The project has not been deployed since the execution package was added.

Make sure the project has been deployed since the execution package was added. The scheduler will always open the latest deployed version of a project and check for schedules. A simple save of a project after creating a execution package will not create a deployed version, thus the scheduler will not know of the new package. This is why we have the Save as deployed version option.

  • The schedule is not enabled in the project.

          Edit the schedule and ensure the "Enabled" box is checked.

  • Two or more execution packages in a single project are scheduled to run at the same time.

          Review the schedule for all other execution packages to resolve conflicts.

Try those and see if they are why it does not start.


  1. The scheduler is running.
  2. Run as a different user (logged as TimeXender service user), but it was taking me to the below window.


  1. The second link page was not found.

  1. I am not sure how to check sufficient user rights within the SQL server 
  2. This project was running for a couple of months onwards it stopped on last Thursday.


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Hi @sguntupalli the link has been corrected now. Which user are you running the scheduler with? You can see this in the Services window

You mention that the scheduler is running, did you successfully restart it?


I am not successful.

It was showing as running but the databases do not update.



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Hi @sguntupalli 

Please try to restart the scheduler service again. 

Is the scheduler only failing in Production? i.e. the scheduler works in other environments?

When you say that you “Ran TimeXtender as a different user (logged as TimeXender service user)” did you use the scheduler user timextender@lansing.local? Did you do this on the production environment connecting to the production repository database?

Did you make any changes to the execution package schedule? If so can you please ensure you have deployed the project after these changes were made

Did you upgrade TimeXtender recently? Have you ensured that no older versions of the scheduler service are running? Please delete or diasable old versions (prior 20.10.36) of the scheduler service


Please setup recovery options for the 20.10.36 scheduler service as shown below

For further troubleshooting, can you please try logging into the Production machine running TX as the scheduler service user and running the execution package manually to see if that works?

Please review Event Viewer > Application Logs for TX Scheduler Service related errors

Here is an example:

 If the events from LogEngine are not showing up in Event Viewer, check the following setting in Tools -> Options

In regards to SQL permissions, please expand security and logins and check that timextender@lansing.local is a sysadmin


I restarted the scheduler it is working now. Please help me to understand why it was stopped. 


  1. The below picture is from the SQL server.


  1. I am not able to edit the below properties on production A253. But I am able to edit on Sandbox A254






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Hi @sguntupalli 

From the log it appears that the execution package Warehouse HDP was skipped because Project HDP Warehouse(Prod) was already executing. Based on your screenshots it appears that the execution HDP Warehouse(Prod) is from a different project. It is not possible to run two execution packages from different projects at the same time. If the execution packages are part of the same project, then it is possible to run them at the same time using the concurrent packages feature, given that they do not run the same objects. Please make sure that the schedules are set up so that there is least two minutes between each scheduled execution.

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@sguntupalli ,

you may not be able to set recovery actions on the scheduler service because your account may not have the rights to do that.