Scheduled execution fails but works when run manually.

  • 29 April 2024
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I have a data export object/task. I have created an execution package that runs this export. When I start this execution via a schedule it fails with this error (table does not exist):

Execute ReaturnPortefeu:Info:Initialized
-Execute ReaturnPortefeu
Execute Data Export Table ReaturnPortefeu vw_ReaturnPortefeuille_Export:Info:Initialized
-Execute Data Export Table ReaturnPortefeu vw_ReaturnPortefeuille_Export
Fill Data Export Table 'vw_ReaturnPortefeuille_Export':Error:Failed
-Fill Data Export Table 'vw_ReaturnPortefeuille_Export' 'Failed'
The table vw_ReaturnPortefeuille_Export does not exist!

When I start the execution manually (right click and execute) it works without issue.

Execution log

The source table for the export is a view:

Source table

Why does it fail when scheduled and not when run manually?


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Dear @Mvest ,

Could it be a scoping / rights issue where you as a user (running it manual) has more rights / permissions / grants on accessing this source / executing the script as the service account does not?


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Hi @Mvest did you manage to resolve the issue by adjusting user permissions? 

Yes, it turned out to be a user permissions issue. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

The service account did not have access to the drive to which I was exporting the data. The confusing part was that I (with my personal account while developing) would click on Check Connection / Open the destination folder and there would be no issue. The error message that the service account got (“table does not exist”) did not really imply an authorisation issue.