Setting a flag when execution is done

  • 8 April 2020
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We use TX as a part of our value chain of systems using data. We need to programatically be able to check if the execution is done, so the following jobs can start.
I know TX can send an email when completed, but we really do not want to build the check on emails.

Does anyone have a good idea on how to do this?

Hope you can help.

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Michael Vaisgaard


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Hi Michael,

TX can run a script before and / or after the complete BU / DWH is processed.

You could create a simple custom table with a "Processed" and / or a "Date Processed" field that you perform a TRUNCATE against before BU / DWH processing starts and a SET or UPDATE statement against that after the BU and / or DWH is processed.

In your value chain you can then check against the status of the table. If it hasn't been marked as processed, don't start the next job yet.

We use this way of working as well for systems that depend on a BU or DWH being completely processed.

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Hi Michael, You can also execute packages from the command line. In which case TX will return with exit codes after completion. 

see this article for more info: