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  • 19 March 2024
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I want to start an Execution Package at another server. 
I have attached the PS1 script. This script is working on the TimeXtender server. But not on our Qlik server. 
We use the same credentials. Also the credentials have access to the timextender.exe and the shares mentioned in the script on our Qlik server.

I think the parameters package name and project name are not recognized when starting the script on an other server. 

Can you help me out to start an execution package on an other location then the timextender server?


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7 replies

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Hi @p.ruijter 

It should run on the TX server, it just needs to be started from the Qlik server, right?

If you aren’t running SaaS we have a Remote Control program that can run. It is not dynamic, you will have to click the button to start an execution. How-to-set-up-the-TX-Remote-Control

Once it is set up it might be possible to run a batch script as explained here How-to-Start-an-Execution-Package-from-the-Command-Line

The TX executable, timexetender.exe, can be run with two parameters: ProjectName and ExecutionPackage. But this is not working for TXRemoteControl.exe. 

Error message in the PS1 script: Start-Process : A positional parameter cannot be found that accepts argument 'DWH'.

So is it possible to start an execution package by a batch script wich is not on the TX server? 

Is my assumption correct that the parameters from timextender.exe  (project and package name) are not accesible on an other location than the TX server? 

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That seems likely. Are you even able to start an execution with the TXRemoteControl program?

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you cannot just run software on another machine from CLI directly. That would run the executable on your Qlik machine and fail.

You would need to either use winrs or psexec if TimeXtender works through those from Windows CLI or use something like this: for Powershell

I managed to create a PS1 batch script that can start an Execution Package that is on another server. 
Also, the script cannot be started 2x, then an error message comes up. 
So in this case it is possible to start a script on another server than the Timextender server where the script starts an execution package on the TimeXtender server. 

We want to use this in combination with a script that starts a Qlik ETL job. This allows us to sequentially start jobs from both TimeXtender and other applications.


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Hi @p.ruijter is the issue resolved now that the script starts an execution package on another server? Please let us know if you have any follow up questions

@Christian Hauggaard  Yes, this issue can be closed.