TimeXtender API not showing all errors

Hi all,

I have a customer that has to deal with an unreliable source system. During transfering specific query tables, it sometimes fails. As there is no retry option on this level, at least we can do right now is to inform the customer that things went wrong.



Unfortunately the TimeXtender API does not tell us there is anything wrong with this run. The “State” is 2, and all the child “JobExecutionLogs” child entries below the job itself all have the “Severity” value of 0.


Does someone recognize this situation? Anything we can do differently to inform the customer?

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Hi @hans.westerhof 

Can you confirm that if you double-click on the message it does not provide more info in the error than what is shown?

Like this.


Also, what version are you in?

Hi @Thomas Lind,

I can confirm when I double click that line, I see the complete error. But there is no way to determine (besides opening that window) to see if the job did partly fail.

In the TimeXtender API Endpoint documentation I spotted the “State” status 3, “Completed with errors”, on job level. But the API tells me this job ran successful (State 2)


We are at version 6221.1. I realize we are running behind for a bit. If you can verify my scenario is fixed I would definitely suggest the customer to upgrade asap. :)

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Hi @hans.westerhof 

OK, I wanted to confirm it did not limit the info somehow.

Others have made requests like this, additionally that it did not do this always. So an internal case to make it provide correct messages were made. It will be fixed in a future release.