TX- Oracle connector issue

  • 28 January 2020
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The TX oracle connector drops and creates the complete table during export.

Is there a way that we can control this behaviour and the table be not dropped ?

This is because we need to move data from Staging Orcle to Main tables based on Triggers and if the table is dropped by TX then the trigger is of no use.


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3 replies

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Is the question about the Data Export feature?

Ya, the export

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Hi Ritu, 

It seems your colleague Martijn van Norden submitted a support ticket where we were able to resolve the issue. In the future, please keep requests to one area of support to reduce confusion. 

For clarity here is the solution posted in the ticket:

"The only thing that would drop the table is if you deploy the table.
Differential deployment is supported but if this is not turned on it will drop and create the table again.
If you add triggers to the table after deployment you can add a post-deployment script to the table."