Data Export - From Business Unit

  • 21 November 2019
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I have used the data export tool to export to .csv files.

However I can not do it straight from the Business Unit.

Is that a feature that can be added? Or maybe not included in client license.

The client wants a few tables from source to be transfered to Azure Data Lake as a csv file and do some tranformation there.


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4 replies

Hi Alfred, 

Unfortunately, Discovery Hub does not support data exports directly from the Business Unit. You would have to move the sources that you want to export to a staging layer or data warehouse, and even then you cannot export this directly to an Azure Data Lake.

There is an alternative way of accomplishing this task. I recommend configuring the ODX Server and adding an Azure Data Lake Gen2 storage option. You can see how to set this up in this article. This will allow you to load tables from the source directly into an Azure Data Lake in CSV format while creating the file hierarchy. 

The ODX server feature is included in a client license, but you will most likely have to contact support to have this added to your license. 

Ok, will look into this option.
What about alternatives sending to Google bucket, AWS storage or Snowflake db?

Hi Alfred,

Today we only support Microsoft technologies in terms of your deployment target.

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We now support Snowflake DB as storage for your data warehouse instance in the latest version of TimeXtender. However, this requires the use of an ODX instance, as Business Units are no longer available in the latest release. We also support multiple Non-Microsoft semantic layer endpoints such as Qlik and Tableau.,