How to identify modified objects using TimeXtender repository

  • 20 February 2020
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Hi , We have a need to identify the objects modified in last few days to deploy as part of differential deployment to various environments. To do this, we were looking at DiscoveryHub metadata database, which contains various tables like DataTables, DataColumns, Transformations etc. 

However, to identify the delta, we have two columns ValidFrom and ValidTo which are stored as integers. We need a way to identify the data, either by converting these to dates or based on a range of dates.

Please help


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9 replies

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Hi Raj, 

You can export deployment steps to a PDF. This uses differential deployment to analyze the tables that need to be updated based on your changed in the project and puts it in PDF format. So in order for the report to work you need to run it BEFORE you deploy your changes. 

  1. Right click on the project > Advanced
  2. Click Export Deployment Steps.


Hi Joseph - Thanks for your inputs. When you say before deployment, you mean after making the changes to the code and before deploying the code into the repository? What would be the effect, in case we do this post our deployment

Also I updated a table in various layers but the same is not getting listed in the list of changes

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Yes, since the document uses differential deployment, it will only show changes that have not yet been deployed. 

Hi Joseph - Thanks. Also one more question. Is there an out-of-the-box integration for DiscoveryHub with any version control like GitHub etc. We are using GitHub and wanted to integrate DH with that. Any lead/info on this will be appreciated.

Apologies for Typo.. we wanted to check regarding BitBucket, which is being used at our end here

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Hi Raj, At this time we do not integrate with any 3rd party version control platforms.

Thanks.. Is there any inbuilt version control that is available which can be used

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Yes, you can roll back to any version of a project. Click Open > Change Version.