How to increase font size of TX window

  • 26 February 2019
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Can anyone please help me as I am struggling to increase the font size of TX window, it is too hard to read table names


Best answer by Thomas Hjermitslev 1 February 2021, 16:02

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4 replies

Hi Jyothi,

You can't change the font size, but the application is DPI aware. If you bump up the scaling of your display, the entire application, including text, will appear bigger.



If you have a 4K resulotion screen (Dell XPS 13), and set the resolution to 3840x2160 then logon to a remote desktop, you are struggling with reading table and fieldnames. 

Windows scales nicely in general (at least with newer versions of Windows server), but text and icons in DH is a real pain, unless you change the resolution on your own screen first, before logging in to a remote desktop session.

A way to adjust the scaling - would be much appreciated.


Unfortunately the objects used for the tree-view are not DPI aware.

Dell XPS 15 here and like Martin says, text and icons are painfully small.

For anyone passing by, allow me to revive this old thread to share that DPI-awareness is improved in the recent 20.10.12 release. See this troubleshooting article for more information: