Issue: after deploy project in development environment, Data missing on scheduled execution with no errors in production environment

  • 18 February 2021
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Now every time when I deploy my project in environment development, I need to  deploy this project in environment production too. Event I don't want transfer my development project to production. If not, When executing projects on a schedule, the execution finishes without error, but tables end up empty. I don't know because I changed version (version  or I have configured something wrong, in last year I didn't have this issue.


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3 replies

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Hi Yannick, It sounds like you may have your environments crossed somewhere. Either you don't have global databases set up properly, or have the TX Application pointed to the wrong environment, or a service account pointed to the wrong environment. I have opened a ticket where someone from our support team can help you get this sorted out. 

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Hey Yannick,

Did you find the sollution? I've found that my tables could not be loaded to several reasons:
1. In my execution package the managed execution is disabled or ExecutionNumber. I've got some funy results woth the execution number but that also could have been my own fault.

2. is the Merge steps tick box in the execution package ticked? 

3. Are there execution packages running where you exclude certain tables from being loaded? If so, the tables who are excluded in an other execution package might block the tables from being loaded.

4. did you set up dependancies by hand? So on the table - Advanced - Object Dependancies
This might overrule the depencancies that TX set up and create these kind of weird results.

Hope this helps!

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your help, yes I found solution. It's issue of configuration SSIS. I found this article to explain the solution