Mail notifications not working - SMTP server does not support authentication



I am using legacy TimeXtender, and am attempting to set up email notifications for execution package failures.

I have been given the information for the destination (email load balancing relay):
IP: 150.xx.xx.1
Port: 25

The destination firewall supposedly has all necessary ports open, although I don’t have direct access to check this.


When I test the notification, I receive the error “The SMTP server does not support authentication.” (see the picture below).


The app registration on Azure has the following API permissions (all delegated and granted admin consent):

  • Microsoft Graph User.Read
  • Microsoft Graph Mail.Send
  • Microsoft Graph SMTP.Send


I haven’t been able to find any information about the error message and what could be causing it. Any help or pointers for troubleshooting this further would be appreciated.


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Hi @Pontus Olausson 

Can you please try adding the User Name? Also does the “From Email” account have multi-factor authentication enabled? Please review the following articles


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Hi @Pontus Olausson were you able to resolve the issue? have you tried adding the user name?

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Hi @Pontus Olausson just following up on this - any updates?