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  • 27 November 2020
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where the mappings saved in timextender??

Is there any chance to store the Mapping details in SQL Server?


Best answer by Thomas Lind 27 November 2020, 11:04

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Hi Venkata

All info about the project is stored in the repository.

What do you need the info for?

We have a TX Dictionary project you can download from the cubestore that can be used to get info about your repository.

we are using 2 Sql server databases. In Timextender we call through those databases using business units & Demo as project repository. So what are given the mapping between those tables . is this mappings created in which place?? Is it created in sql server Or only in cube store?? We are not using anu cube store.

Where the mapping saved for migration??

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It is all stored in the repository database you create when you start developing an project.

If you decide to export a project all this info will now be stored in an XML document that you can import to another repository.

So you can look at the repository database in SQL Management Studio and see what tables and such it contains. Don't delete or rename anything in there though, as you can make your projects stop working.

I have copied an image from my DWH Incremental load guide that shows an query that shows the mappings.


yes got it. Thanks Thomas