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  • 12 July 2019
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We are providing clients with a preconfigured data warehouse for an ERP system.  We will continue to make enhancements and improvements.

The client will eventually add additional fields and user defined fields for their own needs.

What's the easiest way to merge in our improvements to the changes they have already made to an older version?


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3 replies

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Hi Mark,

Unfortunately, the current version of Discovery Hub does not support merging projects. We are aware that this functionality would be useful to many clients, however, it would require a significant redesign of the product. While not in the immediate backlog, it is something the product team is considering for future builds. 

In your case, you have two options.

  1. Have your clients download & deploy each new version of your template project. This would overwrite any individual changes made by the client.
  2. Build out each new feature in each individual client project. 

Is there any 'workaround' methodology to keep track of what the client has done to the project from the base?

Tagging doesn't seem to have a search, and even though the save process has versioning, there seems to be no way to extract what changes have occured from version, say 5 to 12.


Perhaps some sorting, some way to use perspectives, just something we can tell our clients to do so we can more easily isolate their work in case they want to take our new project.

Or depending on the amount of change, vice/versa.  As I make changes to the project, some way (besides person notepad notes) to mark areas I've worked on and to pull those out?

Tags & Descriptions would seem to help but there doesn't appear to be a way to search on them

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Hi Mark, 

Using project version notes and work items could be possible. But this would only work if the client used it every time a change was made, which is unlikely.

The project repository saves every version of every object. So you could browse through the tables by the name of [DataTables] and [DataFields]. The ValidFrom & ValidTo fields indicate which version these objects are valid. If you find an object that has a ValidFrom greater than your initial project build, then changes have been made to that object. 

I hope this helps.