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  • 15 October 2020
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Once in a while my scheduled job does not finish without an error. It just stops doing anything.

My event log states that around the time my job stopped running, both the server and the scheduler started.

I do not find anything in the logs where it says the server and scheduler stopped running, so I have no idea why they restarted.

Would the server/scheduler being down explain why the job stops running rather than failing and providing an error?

Does anybody experience the same? Any ideas where I can find more information on why the server/scheduler stopped or restarted? And possibly how I can prevent this of course?



Best answer by Christian Hauggaard 17 January 2023, 10:22

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3 replies

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Hi Mirijam

Is there any Excel data sources in your project? If so try to exclude them from the main package and run them in their own package afterwards or before the normal one.

Hello Thomas,

I do not have xlsx sources, but I do have csv files as sources (as well as many other source types including txt, Oracle and SQL databases) in my project. However the time the server restarts is nowhere near the time the sources are loaded to my ODX.

My batch starts around 00.15 with an ODX job, with subsequently running a Business Logic job (this is the BL job during which the server restarted) and after that a semantic job (SSAS).

How could an excel source then be the reason for this happening? And why would it happen once in a while rather than every night?

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Sorry for the late response. 

This bug was in a legacy version of our software (19.2.7, Bug 3063)

The workaround suggested was to run all the excel/csv files in one thread, as the crash happens when the files get split out into multiple threads.