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We are still running on TX version and SQL server 2014.

Now they want us to upgrade to SQL server 2022 so it makes sense to also upgrade TX.



  1. can I upgrade from to latest TX version in 1 go ? 
  2. is SQL server 2022 working fine with latest TX version ?




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Hi @rluyten ,

  1. I would trial it by cloning your repository database and run against empty data databases. You will definitely need to run the advisor tool because you will likely need to redeploy indexes and conditional lookups.
  2. SQL Server 2022 works fine with TX if you are on 20.10.40 or later iirc. If you are running more complex SQL Server setups I would consider 2019 over 2022 though. Don’t forget to change the Compatibility Mode of the databases you move from 2014 to the new version to be able to use new SQL features.
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Hi @rluyten 

Also go through the following guide, but skip the ones for ODX.

You should always upgrade to the newest version and not just the first one that supports SQL2022.

Hello Rory and Thomas,

Thanks for the reply. I am looking into it now.

@rory.smith can you elaborate a bit more on the ‘advisor tool’, that doesn’t ring any bel for me.



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once you are in the newer versions you can right-click your project and have:

If you are in-place upgrading SQL (better not to), you may want to take the following approach to allow rolling back to the old version if something goes wrong: