Upgrade to 20.10.41 from Discovery Hub Cannot access ODX client secret

  • 2 June 2023
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Im trying to upgrade from Discovery Hub to Timextender 20.10.41

When I try to configure the ODX, Im asked to provide a client secret from However I cannot login on that page using my credentials


Furtheremore, Im following this guide Upgrade ODX and TimeXtender from a previous version – TimeXtender Support , but is there anything I should be aware of, when upgrading such an old version?


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Hi @rasmusgadensgaard ,


in your partner portal you should have set a contact person for your customer - they would get an invite to the portal and they have the right to manage client secrets. You can re-send invites and change the contact person, this may be the only step required. If this is a pre-ODX era customer, TimeXtender support may need to assist you. If that is the case, you need to send a support ticket to get that sorted.

Note that you can only have one account to the portal per e-mail address. I usually do something like so that TimeXtender sees it as a separate address but any mails go into my inbox.

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Also note that the ODX didn’t exist in 17.12.10. It was added in 18.10.1 So you will have to start over with that. The Business Unit will still have all your data sources.


It seems to have upgraded rather smoothly. When I got the right access in the portal, I could create a secret and use that. 


I would like to point out however, that I created this post under the impression that I was on “Timextender support”, thereby creating a support ticket privately. I guess the confused me, and I was not expecting this to reach the “timextender community”… I created a ticket on ??? and the support team helped me with the right access in the portal.