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Table and Column Selection in an ODX Instance

  • 28 December 2022
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Table and Column Selection in an ODX Instance
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Relates to TimeXtender 6024.1 and later versions

Selecting Tables and Columns from ODX Data Sources

Right-click on the data source and choose Select Tables... in order to select tables and columns on the data source level. Any transfer tasks for the data source will be limited to the data that has been selected on the data source level.

By default we see the advanced selection menu, which is based on table and schema name rules. Search for and select the tables and then press Include.

A list of rules will then appear in the right-hand pane based on your selection.

We can then choose Select Columns... to search for columns, and limit the number of columns that are selected. This column selection logic also relies on rules, which are based on schema, table and column names. In the below example I have searched for the columns containing the string "id" at the end of the name, by searching for columns like "%id".

Check the columns you wish to include and then select Include.

A list of rules then appears in the right hand pane of the menu.

We can also use the simple selection feature, which is not rules based, by clicking on Switch to Simple Selection... The schema, table and column rules are converted to simple selections. In the right hand pane, "regions (1/2)" indicates that the region table has 1 out of 2 columns selected. 

If we click on "regions (1/2)" and choose Select Columns... we will see a simple mode column selection menu. Click Remove to remove a column, click Add to add a column, or select Load Preview Data to generate a preview of the data in each column.

Note: Right-click on the synchronization task and select execute in order for the table and column selection to take effect  

Selecting Tables from Transfer Tasks

You may also choose to select tables on a transfer task level (rather than a data source level). If a table or column has not been chosen on the data source level, then it cannot be chosen on a transfer task level. In order to add a new table to the transfer task, you will first have to select the table on the data source level and execute the synchronization task. Please note, that column selection is only available on the data source level, not on the transfer task level.

If you are adding a new Transfer Task to your data source, right-click on your data source and select Add Transfer Task…

There is an option to add all tables to the new transfer task. Alternatively choose Let me select the tables in order to open the table selection menu.

If you have already created a transfer task, you can right-click and choose Select Tables in order to open the table selection menu.

In the Table Selection menu, you may filter the results on schema or table names, and add or remove specific tables to transfer.

You may also "Switch to Advanced Selection" to apply a rule-based selection, which considers schemas and/or tables names.


After selecting tables, execute the transfer task to load tables from source to ODX storage.

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