Amazon Redshift Connector SSL mode drop down missing options

  • 27 January 2023
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For one of our clients I need to connect to a database on Amazon Redshift. The IT Vendor who made the system is telling us to use SSL mode Required ( ). Using this setting in the ODBC connector from Amazon itself works fine but the CData connector only gives a true false dropdown. I've checked if this perhaps was one of those fields where you can overrule the drop down with manual input but that's not the case for this one. Is there any way to get this working in the CData connector or would our only option for now by create DSN and then use the ADO ODBC option the the ODX to connect with the DSN.


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7 replies

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Hi @hugo.winkelhorst 

Have you tried using SSL mode to “Yes” rather than “required”? If so, what is the result of test connection?

Otherwise, like you mentioned you can use the below provider


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Hi Christiaan,

Yes I've tried both but then I get the standard CData error message. It seems it expects one of the options as documented by Amazon ( disable, allow, prefer, require, verify-ca or verify-full )  as SSL mode and not true or false.

I'll use the ADO Odbc for now as the Amazon Odbc is already up and running.

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The connection is now working and I can read and select the tables

but upon execution it now fails stating that it cannot find a path


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Hi Hugo

Verify that the user account running ODX Service ( and TX ) has read/ write permissions on the folder mentioned in the error.

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Hi Syed,


The folder doesn't exist so I gave the user (local TXService) full control over the level in the path I could find but still the exact same error message.



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Hi @hugo.winkelhorst 

Can you please try to recreate the data source in the ODX with the same settings but a different name (i.e. not Recruitee)? Then try to execute the synchronize task followed by the transfer task 

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Hi Christiaan, I've added a new connection with a different name so the DSN name and the datasource name are no longer the same and that seems to do it. Thanks!