Azure Active Directory data source conector

  • 4 September 2023
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Hi, can you provide me with detailed instructions on how to set it up?


Best answer by Thomas Lind 4 September 2023, 16:05

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Hi @rvgfox 

You need to specify an app, like with most Azure providers and for this to work it needs these rights.

Microsoft Graph API delegated permissions:

  • Read all Domains, Groups
  • Read all Users, Directories, Devices, RoleManagement, Organization

Then it is just to add the app to the OAuth settings area using the Client ID and Client Secret.
Adding the Azure Tenant ID can also be a good idea.

If you want to use CLIENT settings as the Grant Type you need to add Application rights instead of Delegated and you need to add the Azure Tenant ID as well.

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Hi @Thomas Lind,

Do you have links to microsoft resources that guides us to setting up an app registrations?



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Hi @joelpettersson 

Yes, I think I used to have this URL in an old guide about setting it up for Azure Analysis Services.

We also have a step by step guide here.

Create an App Registration

In order to access the Analysis Services resource from TimeXtender, you will need to configure an App Registration in the Azure Active Directory. 

  1. In the Azure Portal menu, search for App Registrations. Then click New Registration.    
  2. Enter a name and select Accounts in this organizational directory only. The value of Redirect URI is the URL at which your application is hosted. Click Register when you are done.
  3. For the newly added App Registration, select Certificates & secrets to create a New Client Secret. This key is encrypted after save, so it needs to be documented somewhere safe. The secret will appear after you click Add.
  4. Please note the following properties of the App Registration which will be needed later:
    1. Application ID
    2. Client Secret (Application Key)

The above options are to get the necessary parts. To use it you need to apply rights, which is what the image I shared above is from.