Cannot start ODX Service on computer '.'

I am following the tutorial to set up a sandbox environment. However, I get an error message at the end of the configuration I get an error: 

Can anyone help me resolve this issue?


Best answer by Thomas Lind 11 January 2022, 15:19

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Hi Aksel,

Thomas has already resolved this on your support ticket:

Sometimes if the service account is specified as .\name or similar, it shows a similar error.

To avoid it, always write the user name as ServerName\UserName in the setup.

I got the same error when entering the service account as .\TXService which was shown in the setup video. When I instead try to enter the TXService server name found in the SSMS before \ it still defaults to .\ and I get the same error. I tried to reinstall ODX Server but it did not help. How can solve this?

Kind regards


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Hi Niclas

It will default to this afterwards.

I do always add the computer name when I do so.

If this do not work here is what you do.
First you choose to save without starting the service like so.

Then I go to Services and locates the ODX Server Service, right clicks, goes to properties and log on.

In there you click browse, types in txservice and clicks on check name

When the user is located click OK, add the password twice and click Apply.
If you start the service now it will work.


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Hi Niclas,

Please review Thomas's suggestion (shown above), to verify the user account in Windows Services applet.  If that does not resolve the issue, please review Event Viewer Application log for ODX Service.

Thank you! Thomas' suggestion solved my problem