CDATA Provider for LinkedIn 2022 unable to retrieve OrganizationFollowerCount

  • 12 June 2023
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Hi community, 

The CDATA Provider for LinkedIn 2022 contains a bug/error which causes it to call an invalid API URI for the connector’s table ‘OrganizationFollowerCount’. 

The appropriate URI for this table according to Organization Network Size - LinkedIn | Microsoft Learn is:

However, CDATA is calling the following:

2023-06-12T11:31:21.793+02:00	2	[5|Q-Id]	[HTTP|Req: 3] GET

Which results in the following error message:

2023-06-12T11:31:22.172+02:00    3    [5|Q-Id]    [HTTP|Res: 3] {"message":"Key parameter value '1234567' is invalid","status":400}
2023-06-12T11:31:22.172+02:00    2    [5|Q-Id]    [HTTP|Res: 3] HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request, 66 Bytes Transferred
2023-06-12T11:31:22.194+02:00    1    [5|Q-Id]    [EXEC|Messag] Executed query: [SELECT [FirstDegreeSize], 0 AS [odx_batch_number] FROM [LinkedIn].[OrganizationFollowerCount]] Success: 0 results (2161 ms)
2023-06-12T11:31:22.196+02:00    0    [5|Q-Id]    [SQL |Messag] Query Failed: [SELECT [FirstDegreeSize], 0 AS [odx_batch_number] FROM [LinkedIn].[OrganizationFollowerCount]]. Error: Key parameter value '1234567' is invalid
2023-06-12T11:31:22.198+02:00    0    Key parameter value '1234567' is invalid

This means it is required to load this data in via the normal REST API provider. Can we submit a ticket to CDATA? This table should be working.. 

Kind regards,

Andrew - E-mergo


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Hi @andrew.gebhard 

I have reached out to Cdata and will let you know as soon as I receive a response

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Hi @andrew.gebhard 

Please see response from Cdata below:

Upon researching the Organization Network Size API endpoint, I found out that Legacy (unversioned) Marketing APIs using the base path will be available until June 30, 2023, when they will be sunset soon. I have also attached a Microsoft LinkedIn article for your reference.

Article: LMS API Documentation Versioning Preview - LinkedIn | Microsoft Learn

Our development team has proactively shifted to the new versioning feature of LinkedIn API that has been changed to under a new base path: That's why our driver is calling the API Endpoint. Also, I would like to inform you that you can change the API version from our driver using the APIVersion connection property if you want.

Documentation: CData JDBC Driver for LinkedIn - APIVersion

However, I would like to inform you that the API endpoint  is not correct and that's why you are facing ""message":"Key parameter value '1234567' is invalid","status":400" error message because you have not specified the CompanyId in the correct format which is "urn:li:organization:thecompanyid" in the connection string.

Once you have specified the CompanyId in the correct format then our driver will be hitting the correct API endpoint which is as follow: " and you will get the desired data. For your reference, please find the product documentation for the same.

Documentation: CData JDBC Driver for LinkedIn - CompanyId

For your reference, I have also attached a screenshot of my test case:


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Hi @andrew.gebhard were you able to resolve the issue by changing the format of the companyID?

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Hi @Christian Hauggaard,

I've just tested in, and it works. Interestingly, the other tables in the connector worked even with the companyID not formatted. OrganizationFollowerStatistics only works when the companyID was in the format urn:li:organization:1234567

Kind regardsm