CommonDataService Connector

  • 9 February 2024
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HI Team,


Please can you help me understand how to connect TX with common data service connector?


I am trying to bring the data from D365 field service to TX. With Power BI i can use common data service connector and extract the data from FS. But i want to use TX to do ETL. Please help!!

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Hi @jyothi.dosi 

There is a CData provider for it. You choose the one called Dynamics 365 and in that there is an option called edition. It has multiple options and one is FieldService.

I would assume this works for this.

I am guessing you are on v20, but if you are on a SaaS release it looks like this.


Here is what is needed to connect.

You likely need to create an app like you would for the other editions.

We also have a legacy guide for connecting to Sales, which is very similar to how this would be done.