Connect to a Datalake through JDBC -> ODBC Bridge

  • 12 March 2023
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Dear Sir,

For one of our customers we need to connect with TX to a Datalake (CSI Cloud).
Our customer is able to connect with PowerBI to their Datalake with a JDBC → ODBC Bridge piece of software from ZappySys JDBC Bridge Driver. This works fine.

Now we need to connect with TimeXtender without this third party JDBC Bridge Driver software to save our client some ZappySys license money.

So I checked with the CData component in TimeXtender, but it seems their is no JDBC → ODBC Bridge Driver available...

Question: Is their a way to do this with the best Data Management Platform in the world ?

Hope you can shine a light on this.

Thanx in advance.


Regards from Amsterdam,

Fourpoints TimeXtender Partner


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Hi Arthur

What is CSI Cloud?

I searched for it, but could not really find anything that seemed to be correct.
CData also provides a JDBC bridge, but it is not a specific data source you can choose.

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@avanrijn ,


you shouldn't need a JDBC-ODBC bridge as that only converts JDBC calls into ODBC calls. Having an ODBC (or OLEdb or ADO) driver should be enough. JDBC bridges are only really useful in a Java software development context.

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Yeah, I agree with Rory.

You need to figure out what sort of data source they connected to with the bridge and see if you can figure out what kind you need. Likely a CData provider will exist, hence what my question about what CSI cloud is.

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@avanrijn any updates on this? please let us know so we can try to help with the connection to the CSI cloud :)