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  • 20 July 2023
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I am wondering, how can I connect to Zip File? I searched and asked Xpilot and then I get this answer: To connect a Zip file in TimeXtender, you can use the "File" data source type. But I couldnt find File datasource. Has the name changed or is there another method?

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Hi @ebay,


I am not aware of any sources being able to look inside zip files. CData Arc does have a Zip Connector, but that is not part of the set of connectors exposed in TimeXtender.

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Hi @ebay 

If you have CSV files located in the zip files, the CSV provider is actually able to look at the files and pull out the files.

You can control it in the field called IncludeFiles.

Additionally it will only work when you are also using the Aggregate files feature.

So if your zip files contain more than one type of file, you will need to specify the unique part like so.

IncludeFiles=<part name of file>*.csv,zip.

If you are not connecting to csv files, but something else the other CData providers that connect to files such as xml and json may work the same way, only it of course do not have the aggregate files option.