Date field is converted to an integer.

  • 13 September 2023
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To my understanding TimeXtender determines the data type of a column based on first x amount of rows, depending on your setup in the portal. 


The fields in my source  come in as ( for example: "05.03.2021”. I use a Storage Account with a CSV connection. 


I would expect that TimeXtender creates a "date” date type out of this. However, is seems that if a field character starts with a '0’, it skips it. In the ODX it shows an Integer value '5032023’.



Depending if a character starts with a '0’ the fields (dates) show up like:


It counts for all date fields and costs me a lot of time to create a work around each time. 

I tried to override the datatype in my data source but without succes. Help would be much appreciated.






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Hi @boyclaesen 

What are your Row Scan Depth set to in the CSV data source setup?

Do you have actual row headers or do you turn that part off?


Hi @Thomas Lind,

Row scan Depth is set to ‘0’:


‘Include Column Headers’ is checked if that's what you mean:

The source data is provided with column headers:



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Hi @boyclaesen 

The data type of the field is a Integer then? You can see it in the data source explorer.

That would mean it is about how it reads the field. This may be due to culture setttings.

You can try to apply Client Culture and Culture to see if it makes it see it as a date, but if that makes no difference you will need to make it generate a RSD file. RSD files are not only for JSON or XML data it can also use CSV.

Then you can specify what data type is on each individual field.

Using data type overrides will not work, but these will allow you to force what each field is.

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@boyclaesen another option could be to use a query table to add a transformation that converts the date into the format yyyy-mm-dd. For example, 

Could you please let us know if this workaround, or if Thomas’ suggested solutions above, resolve the issue?