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  • 1 March 2023
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I’ve three excel files in a SharePoint folder:

  • Budget
  • Forecast
  • Price List

What it’s the best option to get the files into a TXA DSA?

Can you provide me with detailed instructions?



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3 replies

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Is it SharePoint online? If so please see this guide for the Excel Online provider


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Thanks @Christian Hauggaard Is this better option than?:



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Hi Ramon
The issue is explained in the first section of each of the three guides about Excel and CData.

The default excel one can connect to one file only.

The same applies to Excel Sharepoint.

So your only option regarding connecting to more than one file is to use the Excel online option.

To do that you will need an app with rights as explained in the guide. You can specify the folder to look at the files for in the setup.