exclude and include columns in odx


i have a exclude columns made like

“ exclude if schema <all” and table <all> and column contains “ plusg” 


for 1 table i want a specific include like

include if schema <all> and table equals “plusgmoc” and column equals “plusgtest”


it seems that the column isn’t added, i have done a sync and a new transfer. I look in the generated parquet file and can’t find the column.

Is this expecten behaviour? how to solve?



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@Pieter-Jan you can try the following: “ exclude if schema <all” and table not equal plusgmoc and column contains “ plusg” 

Then make a seprate selection of the fields you do need to exclude from the plusgmoc table.

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Make the column selection look something like this.

and then the result should give you the wanted result. I tested it with my aw test data set:

Like you can see person has the modified date and the employee table doesn't 

Hope this help!

have made a different exclude per table, so the excludes and includes don’t interfere with eachother

problem solved