Is it possible to clean the execution logs in ODX Server?

  • 2 August 2023
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Hi all,

I have some customers that are reloading data every x minutes in ODX Server (V20.10.x). This generates a lot of execution log entries. 
When I open the Execution Log in the ODX Server, it takes a long time. I think that removing old execution logs will improve the speed of opening this execution log overview window. I have no idea if it is possible to delete old execution log entries?

Another option could be that the execution log view first shows the datetime range you like to see logs and then opens the overview. 


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Hi @bas.hopstaken ,

I’ve not tested it myself, but the article underneath describes how you can connect to the ODX server SQLite database for analysis purposes. The article mentions that the database file should be copied otherwise you can interfere with the ODX Server service. If you stop the ODX Server service, make a backup and then connect directly to the file you’re probably able to empty the Execution log table using a SQL statement.

At the bottom of the article is a SQL script for querying the execution log. 


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Hi @bas.hopstaken 

It is possible to delete the logs, but it is not something you can do. We can at times go in and remove old log files if it is deemed necessary.

The Backlog file is only a copy of the actual cloud database, so deleting the logs in that will not affect the actual log.

In version 20.10 your logs will be deleted after 90 days, but if you have a lot of data sources running scheduled tasks multiple times a day you can generate a lot of logging.

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Just thought I would add that for the new version of TimeXtender (, it is possible to adjust the 90 days log retention.