Jobs on multiple ODX - not working. Jumps back to 'default' ODX.

  • 11 August 2023
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We are running an environment on two servers. One DEV and one PRD server. The instances are copied from the DEV to PRD server, both ODX and MDW. Apparently the jobs are also copied. After refreshing the list I'm adding jobs to run the production ODX. As we can see below I can choose between both the DEV and PRD ODX's :


However. If I select the ODX Just Brands Production / JB NAV / Full Load NAV. It jumps back to ODX Just Brands / JB NAV / Full Load NAV, running the DEV ODX. 

Why is this?


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5 replies

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Hi @Bitmetric_Maarten 

Are you on the newest release?

Do you have both prod and dev versions of the execution package on the dev instance?


Hi Thomas,

We are on 6221.1

The funny thing is that the Execution packages work just fine. It are the ODX transfer jobs which give the error. 

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Hi @Bitmetric_Maarten 

We had a thing about this issue in that version, hence why I asked about it.

It might be this issue

18688: Jobs sometimes select the wrong instance when using copy instances
Fixed an issue with Jobs sometimes using the wrong instance in a "copy instance" setup. The execution packages in the job would use the first available instance across the copied instances when creating the job.

So if you upgrade to the newest release and see if it still behaves like this it would be something to look at.

Thanks! That sounds clear, we will upgrade. Is the process the same as on the legacy supprt? couldnt find another….

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It is actually more simple.

  1. Install the two programs (ODX and TX)
  2. Disable ODX and Execution services or just uninstall them.
  3. Run the ODX Server Configuration and then the Execution Configuration.
  4. Open new version of TX and log in.
  5. Open each instance and click OK to any suggested updates.

The only thing I could think of regarding 6221 to 6346, is that the Jobs area may have some issues.

Like you may have to recreate them.