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  • 14 February 2023
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We have had our installation for a while now but as far as I’m aware the application has the latest updates. As we are becoming more people in the project working at the same time I have installed the client on both a new server and on my own laptop. The problem is that when I try to connect to the ODX service running on one of our “old” servers I keep getting the error as in the attached pictures. Why is this? As you can see the application has the same version on both thte “old” and the “new” server.
The correct ports are opened between the servers at least so that should not be an issue but I get the same error when trying to connect from my laptop. Anyone who has an input on this?



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Hi @thzman the old server appears to be running 20.10.30, while your screenshot of the new server appears to be running 20.10.37. Please try uninstalling 20.10.37 on the new server, and then install the same version on the new server (as the old server) i.e. 20.10.30 and try connecting again

Hmmm… That’s how it goes when I obviously can’t read. :)
I totally missed the “7” in the version number there. I spoke to one of the consultants in the project and there seems to be an upgrade. I’ll try that. Thanks!

Can just mention that this solution solved my problem.
Now I have an upgrade task to deal with instead. :)